Yukon Fries $9
Seasoned hand-cut fries, house-cut fries, house made garlic aioli

Truffle Fries $12
Yukon fries tossed in white truffle oil, fresh parsley, fresh shaved parmesan, house-made truffle-time aioli

Poutine $14
Yukon fries topped with cheese curds and house stout & wine gravy 

Beer Pretzel $6
Soft, salted pretzel, house-made beer & cheddar dip

Risotto Fritters $16
Four risotto fritters; chorizo sausage, onion, asiago, parmesan, roasted red pepper aioli 

Griffin Nachos $18
Fresh-cooked kettle chips, green onion, tomato, pickled jalapeño, bacon, cheddar, side of sour cream

Charcuterie Board $22

Meats: prosciutto, Alpen salami, Cervelat salami, chorizo sausage, one house cured selection

Cheeses: tickler, cured blue, softened ripened goat. stout cheddar, hard ripened goat cheese

Other: homemade mustard, fresh fruit, fruit compote, picked vegetables, daily bread



Griffin Bison Burger $18
Our classic, house-made bison patty on a fresh potato scallion bun and topped with our house-made garlic aioli, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle.
Make it a ritz burger with thick, maple smoked bacon, seared apple, and old white cheddar cheese

Chili-Falafel Burger $18
Vegan, house-made chickpea patty dusted in chili powder served on a fresh potato scallion bun and topped with house-made garlic aioli, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle.

Tuna and Kale Crunch Taco $18
Seared tuna (chilled), fresh mango, kale slaw, corn tortilla 

Chicken Mushroom Melt $18

Spiced braised chicken, onion, mushrooms, mozzarella, Monterey jack, marble, rye bread

Sides for Sandwiches
Yukon Fries
Truffle Fries
Daily Soup
Garden Salad
Griffin Poutine*
Caesar Salad*

*$2 charge for upgraded side

Soup & Salad

Griffin Daily Soup $9
Large bowl of fresh, house-made soup served along with two thick slices of garlic baguette.

Fresh Caesar Salad $13
Large cut romaine lettuce tossed with house-made croutons, fresh-shaved parmesan, crumbled bacon, and our house-made Caesar dressing; served with a lemon wedge on the side.

(contains anchovies.)
Make it a Chicken Caesar Salad for $3

Fresh Garden Salad $12
Fresh red onion, red peppers, cucumber, and radish tossed in a blend of fresh spring mix and house-made honey-poppy seed vinaigrette.

Add chicken, feta, goat, or blue for $3


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Dutch Baby $11

Baked pancake, seasonal fruits, ice cream